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Stanisław Zamoyski

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Stanisław Zamoyski


Stanisław Kostka hr. Zamoyski, 1775-1856
English: Count Stanislas Kostka Zamoyski

Zamoyski was a nobleman, politician, landowner, and patron of arts. His parents were Andrzej Hieronim Zamoyski and Konstancja Czartoryska.

Stanisław was the 12th Ordynat of the Zamość estates. In 1809 he became a chairman of the Provisional Government of Galicia. Between 1810 and 1831 he was a Senator-Voivode of the Duchy of Warsaw and the Congress Poland. He founded the Zamoyski Ordynacja Library and was a chairman of the Agricultural Society. In 1812, he was awarded with the Order of the White Eagle.

Opposed to the November Uprising, he went to St Petersburg in 1830, and emigrated to Vienna afterwords.

On May 20, 1798 at Puławy, Zamoyski married Princess Zofia Czartoryska. They had ten children.