Zofia Zamoyska

Zofia z x. Czartoryskich hr. Zamoyska, 1778–1837

English: Sophia of the Princes Czartoryski Family Countess Zamoyska

She was an active philanthropist, and a member of the Xs Literary Society. She led a salon at her Blue Palace in Warsaw.

During the Congress of Vienna, 1815, Zamoyska was declared the most beautiful woman in Europe. She was portrayed by Jean-Baptiste Isabey, Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Friedrich Füger, Josef Grassi, Johann Baptist von Lampi the Elder and François Gérard.

Zofia was a younger daughter of Izabela z hr. Flemingów x. Czartoryska and Adam Kazimierz x. Czartoryski.

On May 20, 1798 at Puławy, she married Stanisław Kostka hr. Zamoyski. They had ten children, for which the Zamoyskis called her “the mother of the Family”. She was a strict mother, telling her kids that it’s their common lot to be born for the country rather than for themselves.


3 replies on “Zofia Zamoyska”

I am researching my friends mother’s possible roots to Countess Zamoyska. The Americanized version of her maiden family name is Samosky (Emily). Is there anyway that (we) could get more information on Zofia Zamoyska’s family tree (her descendants)? Thank you.


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