Maria Wirtemberska

Maria Anna z x. Czartoryskich księżna von Württemberg-Montbéliard, 1768-1854

English: Maria Anna Princess Czartoryska, Duchess von Württemberg-Montbéliard

Maria Wirtemberska (as she’s called in Polish) was a noble lady, writer, and philanthropist.

She was a middle daughter of Izabela z hr. Flemingów and Adam Kazimierz x. Czartoryski.

In 1784, Maria married Duke Ludwig Friedrich Alexander von Württemberg, who was related to the ruling families of Germany and Russia. With Maria’s family’s support, he became the head of the Lithuanian Army in Polish-Lithuanian war against Russia, 1792. But when his subsequent betrayal of Poland-Lithuania became known Maria divorced him (in 1793).

She divided her time between Warsaw, Vienna, and Puławy, the Czartoryskis’ family seat, as well as her own property at Pilica. In 1808-1816 she hosted her literary salon in Warsaw (Blue Saturdays). She also attended the meetings of the Xs Society. In 1816 she published “Malwina”, considered Poland’s first psychological novel.

She bought Pilica, a picturesque village, which she transformed into a romantic park.

She was an active promoter of education among peasants, for whom she also wrote books with useful practical information.

After the November Uprising, 1830, she had to leave the Congress Poland. She moved to Galicia, and later to Paris, where she lived with her brother, Adam Jerzy x. Czartoryski.

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