Izabela z Czartoryskich Działyńska

Izabela z Czartoryskich Działyńska

Izabela Elżbieta z x. Czartoryskich Działyńska, 1830-1899
English: Princess Izabela Elizabeth of the Czartoryski Family Działyńska

A painter and art collector, she substantially contributed to the collection of her grand mother, Izabela z Flemingów Czartoryska.

The daughter of Adam Jerzy Czartoryski and Anna Zofia Sapieha, she grew up in the Hotel Lambert in Paris. In 1857 she entered a loveless marriage with Jan Działyński, a Polish nobleman. The marriage was “white” and so childless.

She headed the Polish Institute at the Hotel Lambert. She travelled widely across Europe, Algeria, the Holy Land and Egypt.

After her marriage she moved to Gołuchów, which she purchased (in 1872) from her husband in exchange for money donated to the January Uprising, 1863.

She initiated a collection of antique vases, graphics, paintings and artistic furniture. She rebuilt the Gołuchów Castle according to her own idea, transforming it into a museum. In 1893 she established fee tail on her land, which provided the money needed to support the museum. Her aim was to bring Gołuchów, which used to be a seat of the Leszczyński family, to its past glory.

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